I am committed to public education and general science awareness. To achieve these goals, I contribute to both narcolepsy and health publications and give invited lectures on these topics.

Narcolepsy Advocacy:

Graves, CL. “Gluten Free PWN: Improving Narcolepsy Symptoms with Dietary Strategies.” Narcolepsy Network 29th Annual Conference.” Denver, CO. 19 Oct. 2014. *invited oral presentation. Video Available via YouTube.
Graves, CL. “Paleo Narco: Applying Paleo Principles to Narcolepsy.” Paleo Movement Magazine. 17 Oct. 2014. Link.
Graves, CL. University of Florida Disability Resource Center Invited Speaker “Dining with Disabilities” November 2013. *invited oral presentation
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Graves, CL. Sleepy Shots: Flu Vaccine and Childhood Narcolepsy. The Network: Fourth Quarter. 2012.
Graves, CL, and Gina Singh. Advocating for Your Narcoleptic Child: Tips for Success. The Network: Fourth Quarter. 2012.

I also write for a personal blog dedicated to narcolepsy awareness, from a patient perspective at www.autoimmunepatient.com

Ancestral Health Science Outreach and Awareness:

Graves, CL. 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium Conference Recap. Paleo Movement Magazine. 22 Aug. 2013.
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