Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications

Jones, MK, Grau, KR, Costantini, V, Kolawole, AO, de Graaf, M, Freiden, P, Graves, CL, Koopmans, M, Wallet, SM, Tibbetts, SA, Schultz-Cherry, S, Wobus, CE, Vinje, J, Karst, SM. Human Norovirus Culture in B Cells. Nature Protocols. 2015 Dec;10(12):1939-47. doi: 10.1038/nprot.2015.121. link. Featured on Science Daily.

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Valladeres, R, Graves, CL, Wright, K, Gardner, C, Wallet, SM, Lorca, GL, Gonzalez, CF. H2O2Production Rate in Lactobacillus johnsonii is Modulated Via the Interplay of a Heterodimeric Flacin Oxidoreductase with a Soluble 28 Kd PAS Domain Containing Protein. Front. Microbiol. 2015 July 14. July 14;6:716. PMID:26236298. link.

Jones, MK, Watanbe, M, Zhu, S, Graves, CL, Keyes, LR, Grau, KR, Gonzalez-Hernandez, MB, Iovine, NM, Wobus, CE, Vinje, J, Tibbetts, SA, Wallet, SM, Karst, SM. Enteric bacteria promote human and mouse norovirus infection of B cells. Science. 2014 Nov. 7. PMID: 25378626. linkNational Geographic feature by Carl Zimmer (link).  Featured on TWiV (link).

Graves, CL, Harden, SW, Lapato, M, Nelson, M, Amador, M, Sorenson, S, Frazier, CJ, and Wallet, SM. A Method for High Purity Intestinal Epithelial Cell From Adult Human and Murine Tissues for the Investigation of Innate Immune Function. J. Imm. Methods. Epub 2014 Sep 2. PMID: 25193428. link  *JIM Highlighted Article

Kratzer, JT, Lanaspa, MA, Murphy, MN, Cicerchi, C, Graves, CL, Tipton, PA, Ortlund, EA, and Johnson, RJ. Evolutionary History and Metabolic Insights of Ancient Mammalian Uricases. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 2014. March 11:111(10):3763-8 PMID: 24550457. linkNational Geographic Feature by Ed Yong (link).

Anumukonda, LN, Young, A, Lynn, DG, Buckley, R, Warrayat, A, Graves, CL, Bean, HD, and Hud, NV. Adenine Synthesis in a Model Prebiotic Reaction: Connecting Origin of Life Chemistry with Biology. J. Chem. Educ. 2011 Dec 1:88(12):1698-1701 PMID: 22075932. link

Submitted and In press

Graves, CL, Lapato, M, Li, J, Knowlton, A, Wallet, MA, Wallet SM. Altered mucosal homeostasis and intestinal epithelial cell dysfunction in human type 1 diabetes. Submitted.